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The field of complementary therapy is growing rapidly and gaining ever more acceptance in widespread areas. Many people are training in the different fields and setting up in practice. As interest in alternative approaches to health grows, so does the variety of therapies available.


Visiting an alternative health practitioner and/or complementary  therapist can be part of a wonderful and exciting journey to improved health and enhanced well-being.


Complementary therapists often adopt a more holistic approach to their practice and invite their clients to take an active and responsible part in their own healing.    

The aim of this online directory is to supply people with a basic introduction to individual therapies and where to contact therapists. Also available are addresses of organisations and associations connected with the therapists listed.


Use it to discover more about the expanding world of complementary therapies and benefit by feeling better. We hope you find our online directory informative and useful.


The Directory is not a comprehensive list, nor is it a recommendation or endorsement. As you choose a practitioner, you might want to enquire further about their training and expectations of outcome.


Qualifications, memberships and insurances listed in this directory have been verified.

Are you a Complementary Therapist, Counsellor, Centre or Retailer located in the Angus area who would like to advertise within the ACT directory?


We offer an affordable online presence, connecting  clients, seeking an holistic approach to health and wellbeing, with complementary therapists and retailers in the local area.


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